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About Us

Gonyea Land Company is an experienced commercial real estate brokerage firm, specializing in metro area land sales since 1972. We have over 40 years of practice in commercial, industrial, residential, and investment land transactions.

Our client land owners include financial institutions, commercial developers, home builders, investors, homeowners, and farmers. They choose Gonyea Land Company because our experience and knowledge delivers results that positively affect their bottom line.

Land is all we sell!

Not only have we sold land, but we develop land. We take our personal experience of residential and commercial developing and place it behind your project.

Commercial developers have a team of professional experts to analyze your property and help them determine what’s best for their bottom line. Naturally, they want to purchase your property at the lowest possible price. Meanwhile, most landowners have no experts on their side.

Gonyea Land Company puts the professionals on your side!

With our help you’ll be confident that the price, terms, market conditions, title concerns, environmental issues, zoning matters, and development costs have been thoroughly considered when you sign that deed at closing. You won’t be left wondering.

Through all the market changes in the last 40 years our approach to selling remains consistent and effective. We analyze your land, work with the terms of our clients, determine the highest sales price, and then market the project to the most suitable Buyers.

Gonyea Land Company is a member of both residential and commercial multiple listing services. That, paired with our website and e-mail marketing, you can be assured that your property will receive the maximum exposure in this digital age. However… we don’t rely on it! Our past transaction experience and knowledge allows us to approach Buyers before the Buyer approaches us.

Our talent is finding the Buyer before the Buyer finds us!

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